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Press Releases

 February 2015
ARC Report Cites Economic Progress and Challenges in Appalachian Region Since 1965
A February 2015 ARC research study shows that substantial economic progress has been made in Appalachia since the Commission's inception in 1965 but that significant challenges remain.
 February 2015
ARC Joins Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky on Innovative “Bright Spots” Health Research Project
The innovative $1 million project will identify successful approaches to improving health outcomes in Appalachian communities to determine best practices that can help reduce the Region's persistent health disparities.
 February 2015
Obama Administration Requests $95 Million for ARC for FY 2016
The administration's proposed fiscal year 2016 funding for ARC includes $25 million to implement the multi-agency POWER+ Plan to help communities adversely affected by the decline in coal-related jobs diversify their economies and create new employment opportunities.
 January 2015
Kentucky Governor Steven Beshear is Selected to Serve as 2015 ARC States' Co-Chair
Previously the ARC states' co-chair in 2011, Beshear was chosen by his fellow Appalachian governors to serve again in 2015.
 January 2015
New Obama Administration Proposal to Strengthen Community Colleges in the Nation and the Appalachian Region
The "America's College Promise" proposal announced by President Obama on January 9, 2015, would strengthen the role of community colleges in promoting workforce development and economic growth in the nation and the Region. The proposal aims to provide affordable opportunities to help Americans gain the knowledge and skills needed to meet the demands of the growing global economy.