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Assessing the Landscape of Local Food in Appalachia
May 2012
Jean Haskell, Ph.D., for the Appalachian Regional Commission
This report examines the burgeoning local food movement in the Appalachian Region, describes best practices, and analyzes gaps and opportunities for expanding this sector of the economy.
Abstract & Report Contents   Full Report in PDF (650 KB)
Program Evaluation of ARC's Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Natural Asset-Related Projects
September 2010
Regional Technology Strategies, Inc., with Mt. Auburn Associates and Appalachian State University
This report, prepared by Regional Technology Strategies and issued in FY 2010, evaluated the outcomes of 132 Tourism, Cultural Heritage, and Natural Asset-Related projects through surveys, interviews, and statistical analysis.
Abstract & Report Contents   Full Report in PDF (2.15 MB)
Sources of Regional Growth in Non-Metro Appalachia
January 2007
Economic Development Research Group, Inc., Regional Technology Strategies, Inc., MIT Dept of Urban Studies and Planning
The Sources of Growth project is part of a series of research efforts funded by the Appalachian Regional Commission to improve understanding of factors affecting economic growth in rural and distressed areas.
Abstract & Report Contents   Full Report (Volumes 1 4) in PDF (4 MB)