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Appalachia: A Report by the President's Appalachian Regional Commission, 1964

Front Matter (PDF file—3.2 MB)

  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Letter of Transmittal
  • Letter from Conference of Appalachian Governors
  • Letter from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor's Office
  • Letter from Members of the Cabinet and Heads of Federal Agencies
  • Acknowledgements
  • President's Appalachian Regional Commission Members and Staff

Table of Contents and Introduction (PDF file—2.2 MB)

Chapter 1: The Realities of Deprivation (PDF file—3.5 MB)

Chapter 2: The Legacy of Neglect (PDF file—465 KB)

Chapter 3: The Beginnings of Adjustment (PDF file—1.7 MB)

Chapter 4: The Elements of Program (PDF file—5 MB)

Chapter 5: The Means to Achievement (PDF file—1.5 MB)

Conclusion (PDF file—195 KB)

Appendix A: President's Appalachian Regional Commission County List (PDF file—610 KB)

Appendix B: Mileage Estimates for Appalachian Development Highway System (PDF file—79 KB)

Appendix C: Selected Data on the Appalachian Region (PDF file—2.1 MB)

Appendix D: Persons Participating in Studies Conducted by the President's Appalachian Regional Commission (PDF file—1.3 MB)

Full Report (PDF file—22 MB)