Appalachian Collegiate Research Initiative

Since 2001, over 2,800 students from 22 colleges and universities across Appalachia have participated in the Appalachian Collegiate Research Initiative (ACRI), formerly known as the Appalachian Teaching Project (ATP). Administered by East Tennessee State University, ACRI is an applied research training program for Appalachian college students to support economic development initiatives for their communities.

Participating ACRI students are enrolled in a for-credit academic course to design and lead research projects in Appalachian communities to address regional challenges. As a finale for the coursework, students and their faculty sponsors travel to Washington, D.C., to present their work to other student delegations, ARC leadership, and community leaders at the Appalachian Collegiate Research Initiative Capstone Symposium.

2023 Participants

ARC is proud to announce the 13 Appalachian colleges and universities that will participate in ACRI’s 2023 semester.

20 Years of ACRI

East Tennessee State University’s Center of Excellence for Appalachian Studies and Services recently completed 20 years of coordinating the ACRI, formerly ATP, an annual ARC program in which students work with a local community to address a critical need that affects the community’s long-term economic development.

Past ACRI Presentations