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Business Development Revolving Loan Fund Grants

ARC RLF Guidelines: Schedule B-1

Statement of Funds Available from the Inception of the Fund through________________

Name of Grantee________________________________________________________


Grant Funds Received from ARC: $_____________________

Loan Balance Transferred from PCLF 10/1/92: $_____________________

Loan Principal Repayments: $_____________________

Interest on Loans: _____________________

Investment Interest: _____________________

Late Payment Fees/Interest: $_____________________

Other: (Explain)

Total Receipts Available for Disbursement: $_____________________

Disbursements and Set Asides

Loan Balances Assumed from PCLF 10/1/92: $_____________________

Loans Disbursed by Grantee: RLF Administrative Costs: $_____________________

Grant Funds Returned to ARC: $_____________________

Program Income Set Asides: $_____________________

Other: (Explain)

Total Disbursed and Set Aside: $___________________

Funds Available for Loans: $___________________

Loans Committed

End of Period Loan Commitments: $___________________

Net Loanable Funds Available to the Grantee: $___________________

Loan Summary

Total Loans Disbursed and Balances Assumed: $_____________________

Less Loan Principal Repayments: $___________________

Unpaid Principal Balance: $_____________________

Less Loan Balances Written Off: $_____________________

Grantee Adjustments: (Explain)

Reported Balance of Loans Outstanding: $___________________*

* Must agree with total of column 6 on Schedule B-2.

The RLF Financial Reports are submitted as prescribed by the ARC Business Development RLF Guidelines. The information contained in these Schedules is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.

RLF Manager (or other responsible official designated by the grantee)

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