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Business Development Revolving Loan Fund Grants

ARC RLF Guidelines: Schedule B-2

Revised 10/99
(This version not for submission.)

Name of Grantee______________________________________________________

List of Loans Outstanding During the Reporting Period Ending______________

1. Name, City/County & State of Borrower

2. Original Loan Amount

3. Date Loan Closed

4. Interest Rate

5. Term of Loan (year/mo.)

6. Unpaid Principal Balance as of Cut Off Date ____________ $ *

7. Loan Current? or How Long Delinquent?**

8. Jobs Created (C)/ Saved (S)***

* Total of Principal Balance column must agree with total loans outstanding as shown at the bottom of Schedule B-1.

** Use Schedule B-3 to report the actions being taken to resolve the delinquent situation for each loan reported as delinquent.

*** Specify new jobs or jobs saved. Use (C) for new jobs created and (S) for existing jobs saved.

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