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Basic Agency Grant Management

ARC funds approximately 100 construction projects across the Appalachian Region each year. These projects are administered and managed by federal and state agencies—called basic agencies—under formal agreements with ARC.

What Do Basic Agencies Do?
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ARC State Basic Agency Network Calls and Training

ARC holds regular conference calls with the basic agency representatives. These calls are scheduled approximately once every 2–3 months and are open to all State Basic Agency staff and ARC program offices. The calls provide an opportunity for State Basic Agencies to share information and resources related to project administration.

The next ARC State Basic Agency training session will be offered in spring 2020.

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For information on your state's basic agency coordinator please contact:

Karen Hayman

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In their roles as administrative agents, compliance monitors,
and fiscal agents, basic agencies:
  • Serve as fiscal agents to ARC construction grant recipients;
  • Submit an annual report on each project every fiscal year;
  • Certify that the grantee is in compliance with the federal laws and regulations;
  • Certify that payment requests reflect actual work completed; and
  • Certify progress towards performance measures.

Core Basic Agency Functions
•  Provide basic agency letters
•  Offer NTP and other notices
•  Certify project completion level
•  Provide annual project status report (BAMR)
•  Oversee NEPA environmental review
•  Monitor compliance with Davis Bacon, other
    federal laws
•  Others—see Construction Assurances, Grant
   Agreement, ARC Grant Administration Manual
•  Receive ARC funds on behalf of grantee
•  Disburse payments on a project completion
•  Return any unspent ARC funds

ARC is currently partnering with 4 federal basic agencies and 13 state basic agencies.

To administer ARC construction projects, a state agency must first register with ARC to become a registered state basic agency (RSBA).

Basic Agency Resources