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Basic Agency Resources

Resources provided below are grouped into two categories: those that are useful for both federal and state basic agencies, and those that are useful for registered state basic agencies.

  • Sample Basic Agency Letter
    ARC construction project applications must include a letter from the applicant's designated basic agency stating the agency's willingness to administer the project if it is approved by ARC. The letter must include the ARC grant amount, the total matching funds amount, the total project cost, and the primary basic agency contact(s) for project and financial management of the grant.
  • Basic Agency Monitoring Report Instructions
    The Basic Agency Monitoring Report (BAMR) must be completed through ARCnet, ARC's online grant management system. It includes data on construction progress, financial drawdowns to date, and project performance measures to date. Basic agencies can ask grantees and local development district (LDD) staff to help provide this information. However, a representative of the basic agency must certify that the information provided in the BAMR is accurate and up to date. When grantees enter data and sign the BAMR form, ARCnet will notify the basic agency by email; the agency can then certify and submit the BAMR form to ARC. Basic agency project coordinators can view a list of their ARC projects on ARCnet.
  • BAMR Instructional Video
    A recorded demonstration of how to complete a Basic Agency Monitoring Report.
  • Amendment Forms Instructions
    Basic agencies can make project amendments during the course of completing the BAMR form, including revising the current end date on file with ARC, requesting a budget modification, or changing the original ARC-approved match rate. The amendment form instructions explain how to complete minor and major basic agency amendments using forms on ARCnet.
    Minor Amendments
    Basic agencies, on behalf of grantees, can approve the following amendments through ARCnet (these amendments do not require ARC final approval):
      –Time extensions of up to three years beyond the original project end date.
      –Minor budget changes (up to cumulative change of less than 10 percent of
        the total project budget).
  • Major Amendments
    Basic agencies can request the following amendments through ARCnet (these amendments require final ARC approval):
      –Changes in a project's approved match rate.
      –Major changes in project scope or budget (cumulative change of more than
        10 percent of the total project budget).
  • Basic Agency Contacts Directory Instructions
    ARC maintains a contacts directory page on ARCnet for each Registered State Basic Agency (RSBA) and for each state or regional office of a federal basic agency administering an ARC construction grant. Contacts listed have access to all of the online project files for the grants their basic agency is administering. (ARCnet access is required to complete a Basic Agency Monitoring Report (BAMR) form, request an amendment or budget modification, or initiate a payment drawdown from the Automated Standard Application Payment (ASAP) system.) To update contact information or add new contacts to the directory, follow the contacts directory instructions.

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