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ARC Grants and Contracts

ARC Grants

ARC awards grants to projects that address one or more of the five goals identified by ARC in its 2016–2020 strategic plan and that can demonstrate measurable results. Typically, ARC project grants are awarded to state and local agencies and governmental entities (such as economic development authorities), local governing boards (such as county councils), and nonprofit organizations (such as schools and organizations that build low-cost housing).

How to Apply for an ARC Grant
Almost all program grants originate at the state level. Potential applicants should contact their state ARC program manager to request a preapplication package. The local development district serving the county in which the project is located may provide guidance on a project's eligibility for funding and assistance in preparing a grant application.

A small number of grants are awarded through requests for proposals (RFPs), sometimes as grant competitions. These grant RFPs are posted on the ARC Web site as they are issued.

Distressed Counties
ARC targets special assistance to economically distressed counties in the Appalachian Region, allowing up to 80 percent participation in grants in distressed areas.

County Economic Status and Distressed Areas in Appalachia

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ARC Project Guidelines

ARC Contracts

ARC awards contracts for research on topics that impact economic development in the Appalachian Region, as well as contracts for technical assistance and other services. Requests for proposals will be posted as they are issued by ARC.