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Q and A from ARC Webinar on Stimulus Grants, April 1, 2009

Question: Where can I find information on Qualified Zone Academy Bonds?

Jeff Schwartz: There is a good summary of the QZAB and other programs that can assist with construction, renovation, and modernization on the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities web site.

Question: Where can I find information on funding for new hospital construction?

Jeff Schwartz: State Fiscal Stabilization Funds (SFSF), a part of the ARRA funds included in the education portion of the legislation, can be used "for public safety and other government services…." The states receive a total of about $8.8 billion in SFSF funds; the governor of each state will decide how those funds will be used.

Henry King: The Department of Health and Human Services has $1.5 billion available through the Bureau of Primary Health Care for construction, renovation, equipment, and health information technology. These construction funds are specifically targeted to expanding existing Section 330 health centers funded under the Public Health Service Act. New hospital construction funding has not yet been identified by DHHS. 

Question: Will ARC be tracking what the 13 states allow communities to apply for with the funding that is going directly to the states?

Jeff Schwartz: We are not tracking the state plans and allocations here at ARC. But the states have ARRA Web pages on their sites, with information on what funding opportunities are available and how ARRA funds are being used in the state. For links to these pages, see the State Recovery Sites page on