Improving Road and Water Supply in White County, Tennessee

ARC Federal Co-Chairman Tim Thomas visited White County, Tennessee last week to announce the relocation of a water line along Airport Road serving White County Industrial Park and the Upper Cumberland Regional Airport. Thomas was joined by Denny Wayne Robinson, who serves as the County Mayor for White County Tennessee and is a current Appalachian Leadership Institute fellow in the class of 2019-2020. Among the participants were Tennessee Commissioner Bob Rolfe, Camron Rudd, President of Hörmann, LLC, and Brent Edwards T.W. Frierson Contractor, LLC.

White County, in partnership with O’Connor Utility District, TN Department of Transportation, and with ARC support, completed a major water line relocation resulting in road and utility improvements to the corridor serving the new Hörmann facility, Fitzgerald Industrial Park, and the Upper Cumberland Regional Airport. The scope of the project included the relocation of approximately 4,200 feet of 12-inch water line, valves, and fire hydrants along Randolph Mill Road, Airport Road, and Technology Drive. The primary purpose of the utility project was to move the water line and improve access to the water supply. Additionally, in collaboration with The State of Tennessee’s Department of Transportation (TDOT), White County widened Airport Road increasing capacity for commercial access.

White County identified the area along Airport Road as its most viable economic development corridor due to its available land, existing infrastructure, and its location, which is within minutes of Interstate 40. Within the last three years, three major industries have opened facilities in the area. These companies have announced or plan to announce approximately 325 jobs and $70 million in private investment in the project area. The county is currently pursuing an option on a 75-acre parcel located adjacent to one of the newly developed properties. Without the Airport Road widening, the property could be not be developed as an industrial site.