Corridor H: Driving Opportunity

Corridor H, a section of the Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS), links central West Virginia with Virginia. The West Virginia portion of the route — 133.6 miles — begins in Weston, West Virginia and travels across the state’s more remote areas in Grant, Tucker, and Hardy counties to the Virginia state line near Wardensville. An additional 14.4 miles reaches to Interstate 81 near Strasburg, Virginia. As of FY 2020, ARC has worked with U.S. Department of Transportation and the Department of Transportation in West Virginia to open 101.5 Corridor H miles to traffic. This four-lane expressway provides significant savings in travel time, which in turn, makes the Appalachian Region more accessible to the rest of the Nation. As each remaining section is finished, more local manufacturers can use Corridor H to directly and efficiently transport goods to inland ports, which exponentially expands markets for central Appalachian products. Tourists can use Corridor H to visit the area’s Civil War battlefields, historical sites, and natural attractions, and local residents can use Corridor H to travel more easily between their homes, jobs, schools, and communities. This type of modern highway is much safer than the existing twisting two lane mountainous roads in the area. In addition, Corridor H provides larger regional transportation benefits by providing alternative routing and congestion relief for other nearby Interstate routes.