Lackawanna County Undergoes Broadband Expansion

Scranton, Pennsylvania needed stronger broadband service to meet local business demand and offer faster municipal services. The first step was to build a new transmission tower. As the County government began this work, they also partnered with ARC to purchase new equipment, including radio transmitters. ARC project funds were also used to upgrade existing equipment on other towers, which in turn, modernized the entire network. When complete, these upgrades will increase service capacity in 15 communities and expanded coverage to an additional 5. Nearly 40 local businesses will get easier access to broadband through ISPs which “rent” from the County network, and the local 911 relay to police, fire, and medical will be more reliable.

With these improvements, the County is offering a suite of faster broadband services at a much lower cost, as private providers continue to stand back. These enhanced services include point-to-point transmission, private VLAN, and a network of free, municipal wifi hotspots across the county. There are other advantages too including securing and encrypting networks; and providing VoIP, wireless surveillance video, Wi-Fi, and network management products.