Pocahontas County: Upgrading and Expanding Wastewater Services

Pocahontas County in rural West Virginia has limited sewer system service. Instead, the area’s households and businesses rely upon septic tanks which can result untreated sewage discharge into the headwaters for important regional waterways. Using ARC support, the Pocahontas County Public Service District is expanding and upgrading the area’s water/wastewater system with over 31,000 linear feet of gravity sewer and force main pipe, as well as new lift and grinder stations. The County will also improve the Town of Durbin’s existing sewage treatment facility to better manage wastewater flows.

This investment in anticipated to bring direct sanitary sewer service to nearly 120 households and businesses. Two of these businesses are large hardwood manufacturing companies with hundreds of employees. An upgraded waste water system will also make the area more attractive to additional manufacturers and private investors.