Spark Center SC: Launching local businesses

Since its conception in 2005, Spark Center SC, located on the Spartanburg Community College Tyger River campus in Duncan, South Carolina, has specialized in business incubation, soft landings, workforce employment services, and special projects which assists in spurring economic development. Between 2009-2019, the Spark Center has worked with over 100 companies to net 44,179 local jobs and generate over $2.9 billion in earnings and $155.9 million in combined tax revenue. The Center also offers Manufacturing, temporary office, and training space. They assist qualifying companies with employment-related tasks including job fairs, on-site application and interview processes, pre-employment training and post-employment training of job-specific skills. In an effort to provide more timely and efficient services to both employers and job seekers, the existing space at the Spark Center is repurposed to create new space to accommodate: classrooms, office suites including a storage area for supplies and a collaboration area in the office suite, a private conference, and a laboratory for hands-on technical or simulations not suitable for a standard classroom.

Using ARC support, the Spark Center is expanding multi-use spaces for training and recruitment; back offices for business support, conference meeting rooms, and a 5,000 square-foot training space for manufacturing simulations. By adding a suite of flexible spaces, the Spark Center can better support businesses as they continue to expand.