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Appalachian Scene: Hands-on Training for Community Leadership
by Carl Hoffman

Developing strong leadership in Central Appalachian communities is the mission of the Brushy Fork Institute, an outreach arm of Berea College in Berea, Kentucky.


COAD: Pressing for Success
by Fred D. Baldwin

The Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development takes a regional approach to building leaders and stronger communities in eastern and southern Ohio.


Using Our Strengths: The Grassroots Leadership of Becky Anderson
by Lynda McDaniel

Photo of Becky Anderson

Becky Anderson is executive director of HandMade in America, an Asheville-based nonprofit organization with a mission to celebrate traditional and contemporary crafts and protect the resources and communities of this 23-county region.


Colleges and Communities: Increasing Local Capacity
by Fred D Baldwin

Photo of Jackie Cornett, owner of Fields Feed

Community colleges in Appalachia are taking a leadership role in helping boost local economies and expand educational opportunities through the national Rural Community College Initiative.


Law and Community Service: The Appalachian School of Law
by Lynda McDaniel

Photo of Appalachian School of Law building

A deep commitment to community service and leadership has shaped the mission of southwest Virginia's new Appalachian School of Law.


Appalachian Scene: A Vision of What Can Be
by Lynda McDaniel

R. Benjamin Wiley's leadership of the Greater Erie Community Action Committee (GECAC) has helped bring a wide range of programs to the area, touching the lives of thousands of people. Wiley is the 2000 John D. Whisman Award recipient.


A Wealth of Accomplishments
by Lynda McDaniel

The caring, enthusiasm, and hard work of community members in Hale County, Alabama, have led to an array of services for families—and to a program that is preparing the next generation of leaders.


Learning to Lead the HI-Y Way
by Fred D. Baldwin

At Camp Horseshoe, a program sponsored by the Ohio–West Virginia YMCA puts teenagers through basic training in citizenship. The benefits of that training will last for years.

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