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Appalachian Scene: A Voice for Appalachia
by Carl Hoffman

A longtime champion for Central Appalachia, Dave Lollis has helped build the three Kentucky-based community development corporations that make up Appalbanc: the Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises (FAHE), the Central Appalachian Peoples Federal Credit Union, and the HEAD Corporation's Community Loan Fund.


Farewell Message from the Federal Co-Chairman
by Jesse L. White Jr.

A message from Jesse L. White Jr. as his tenure at ARC federal co-chairman draws to a close.


Using Our Strengths: The Grassroots Leadership of Becky Anderson
by Lynda McDaniel

Photo of Becky Anderson

Becky Anderson is executive director of HandMade in America, an Asheville-based nonprofit organization with a mission to celebrate traditional and contemporary crafts and protect the resources and communities of this 23-county region.


Appalachian Scene: Always Leading the Way
by Lynda McDaniel

Photo of Gayle Lawson

Harlan, Kentucky, resident Gayle Lawson's decades of public service earned her the 2001 John D. Whisman Vision Award, an honor given to an individual who has provided exemplary service and leadership in the Appalachian Region.


Appalachian Scene: It's All About People
by Lynda McDaniel

Denise Schlegel, executive director of VISION

Denise Schlegel sometimes compares herself to a juggler, but even P.T. Barnum's finest couldn't keep 20, 30, even 50 balls in the air at once. That's what it takes to rekindle a community, and as executive director of Schuylkill County's VISION, Schlegel is constantly in motion, guiding county leaders toward common goals.


Appalachian Scene: A Passion for Education
by Lynda McDaniel

Wayne White has dedicated most of his career to educating young people. A former teacher, assistant principal, and school superintendent, White is now the executive director of the Ohio Appalachian Center for Higher Education (OACHE), promoting higher education for youths and adults.


Appalachian Scene: A Vision of What Can Be
by Lynda McDaniel

R. Benjamin Wiley's leadership of the Greater Erie Community Action Committee (GECAC) has helped bring a wide range of programs to the area, touching the lives of thousands of people. Wiley is the 2000 John D. Whisman Award recipient.


Appalachian Scene: Eula Hall: A Driving Force for Change
by Lynda McDaniel

Eula Hall began building her clinic in 1973 with donations of $1,400 and a commitment from two local doctors. Today, the Mud Creek Clinic in Grethel, Kentucky, serves over 7,000 patients a year from a modern 5,200-square-foot facility.


Special Report: President Clinton Visits Appalachia
by James E. Casto

Jackson County, Kentucky, was President Clinton's first stop on a six-state tour aimed at stimulating investment in areas left out of the nation's economic boom.


A Tribute to John Sweeney, ARC's First Federal Co-Chairman
by Joe W. "Pat" Fleming II

The Appalachian Regional Commission's first federal co-chairman is remembered as a man of unique leadership skills and character.


Appalachian Scene: Norma Gray: Leading the Way for Children
by James E. Casto

When educators talk about successful child development programs, this is what they have in mind—making a positive difference in the lives of young children and their families. For 27 years, River Valley Child Development Services has been making that kind of difference for children and families in communities throughout southern West Virginia.


Appalachian Scene: Bringing High Tech Home
by Carl Hoffman

Ask Jack Galyean to describe his company, Printed Circuit Solutions Manufacturing (PCSM), Inc., and he says, "We're like sprinters." Indeed, blueprints for what PCSM made today zipped into its factory only yesterday, via a telephone line. Within 48 hours, a few ounces of plastic, copper, gold, and nickel were formed into a complex, custom-built electronic circuit board. Tested, inspected, and carefully packed, the board will soon be swept up by UPS or Federal Express and flown overnight to a high-tech company.


Remembering Senator Jennings Randolph
by Senator Robert C. Byrd and James E. Casto

Former senator Jennings Randolph, one of the chief architects of the legislation that created ARC, died this past May. Two remembrances pay tribute to the senator and his many achievements.


Visionary Gene L. MacDonald
by Fred D. Baldwin

Gene MacDonald, founding president of the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association and winner of the 1998 John D. Whisman Vision Award, has dedicated 30 years to advocating for economic development in Appalachian Ohio.


Appalachian Scene: Rod Soltis: Making Connections
by Fred D. Baldwin

Thanks to a telecommunications network developed by the Broome-Tioga Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), students in New York's Appalachian counties have taken Russian, advanced Spanish, music theory, and C++ —all courses that their own schools either cannot offer at all or cannot attract enough students to fill.


Selena Robinson: Steel-Willed Angel
by Carl Hoffman

Over the last four decades, Selena Robinson has led the fights to integrate North Carolina's Brevard High School, bring mail service and housing to Brevard's black community, and retain the city's successful job-training program. That's in addition to performing 10,000 hours of volunteer work.


Mike Duncan: Mentor to Eastern Kentucky
by Carl Hoffman

Mike Duncan established an intern program in 1981 that is meant to be a life-changing experience. Each spring he invites the top 10 percent of the junior class at Lawrence County High School and the top 25 percent of the junior class from Sheldon Clark High School to apply.

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