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Strategic Planning

Developing Three-Star Communities
by Fred D. Baldwin

Assistant county executive Jay Willoughby

A Tennessee program for economic preparedness helps communities across the state plan and prepare for progress.


Targeting Resources for Local Growth
by James E. Casto

Photo of Knott County artisan Michael Ware

Focusing state and federal dollars on targeted areas, the Kentucky Appalachian Community Development Initiative, a program of the Kentucky Appalachian Commission, helps communities fund their own strategies for economic growth.


Appalachian Scene: It's All About People
by Lynda McDaniel

Denise Schlegel, executive director of VISION

Denise Schlegel sometimes compares herself to a juggler, but even P.T. Barnum's finest couldn't keep 20, 30, even 50 balls in the air at once. That's what it takes to rekindle a community, and as executive director of Schuylkill County's VISION, Schlegel is constantly in motion, guiding county leaders toward common goals.


Balancing Growth and Preservation
by Fred D. Baldwin

A management plan for a scenic South Carolina highway, put together with the help of businesspeople, government representatives, and local citizens, hopes to preserve the environment while allowing for economic growth.


Going for the Goals
by Fred D. Baldwin

Massive layoffs in Virginia's New River Valley in the early 1990s prompted area leaders to begin a strategic planning effort, the benefits of which are still materializing.


The Power of Vision: Making the Strategic Plan Come Alive
by Fred D. Baldwin

Strategic planning is an open-ended, ongoing, and dynamic process, as the planning efforts of two local development districts illustrate.

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