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Balancing Growth and Preservation
by Fred D. Baldwin

A management plan for a scenic South Carolina highway, put together with the help of businesspeople, government representatives, and local citizens, hopes to preserve the environment while allowing for economic growth.


Two Sides of the Road
by Fred D. Baldwin

Safer travel and economic expansion are the twin goals of two grassroots organizations working to upgrade Pennsylvania's Route 15.


Appalachian Highways: Almost Home but a Long Way to Go
by Fred D. Baldwin

Three decades after ground was first broken for the ADHS, there is indisputable evidence that a modern highway system is the key to development in Appalachia.


West Virginia's Corridor L Opens the Door to Tourists
by James E. Casto

Four West Virginia counties are collaborating on a tourism plan that will build on the development already spurred by Appalachian Corridor L.

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