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Community Development

Rural Action: Revitalizing Appalachian Communities
by Fred D. Baldwin

Rural Action is helping Ohio communities create sustainable economies, promote sustainable communities, and foster a sustainable environment by focusing on the value of local assets, including farms, streams, and forests.


Kentucky's Creative Marketing Boosts Artisan Businesses
by Carl Hoffman

Two eastern Kentucky initiatives are giving local artisans new opportunities for marketing their products and helping attract tourism dollars to the area.


Appalachian Scene: A Voice for Appalachia
by Carl Hoffman

A longtime champion for Central Appalachia, Dave Lollis has helped build the three Kentucky-based community development corporations that make up Appalbanc: the Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises (FAHE), the Central Appalachian Peoples Federal Credit Union, and the HEAD Corporation's Community Loan Fund.


Appalachian Scene: Hands-on Training for Community Leadership
by Carl Hoffman

Developing strong leadership in Central Appalachian communities is the mission of the Brushy Fork Institute, an outreach arm of Berea College in Berea, Kentucky.


COAD: Pressing for Success
by Fred D. Baldwin

The Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development takes a regional approach to building leaders and stronger communities in eastern and southern Ohio.


Schools and the Community: Fostering Mutual Support
by Fred D. Baldwin

Photo of former-Tennessee governor Don Sundquist a

The benefits of building strong ties between Appalachian schools and communities was the topic of ARC's 2002 annual conference, in Maryville, Tennessee.


The Main Street Approach to Revitalizing Communities
by Lynda McDaniel

Photo of downtown Cumberland, Maryland

Cumberland, Maryland's downtown revitalization project, modeled on a program created by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, has yielded new businesses, new jobs, and a new sense of community.


The New Appalachia: Capacity and Collaboration
by Fred D. Baldwin

New Appalachia Conference Program cover

ARC's 2001 annual conference featured best practices from distressed areas throughout the Appalachian Region and a keynote address given by business and leadership author Stephen Covey.


Developing Three-Star Communities
by Fred D. Baldwin

Assistant county executive Jay Willoughby

A Tennessee program for economic preparedness helps communities across the state plan and prepare for progress.


Targeting Resources for Local Growth
by James E. Casto

Photo of Knott County artisan Michael Ware

Focusing state and federal dollars on targeted areas, the Kentucky Appalachian Community Development Initiative, a program of the Kentucky Appalachian Commission, helps communities fund their own strategies for economic growth.


Appalachian Scene: It's All About People
by Lynda McDaniel

Denise Schlegel, executive director of VISION

Denise Schlegel sometimes compares herself to a juggler, but even P.T. Barnum's finest couldn't keep 20, 30, even 50 balls in the air at once. That's what it takes to rekindle a community, and as executive director of Schuylkill County's VISION, Schlegel is constantly in motion, guiding county leaders toward common goals.


Colleges and Communities: Increasing Local Capacity
by Fred D Baldwin

Photo of Jackie Cornett, owner of Fields Feed

Community colleges in Appalachia are taking a leadership role in helping boost local economies and expand educational opportunities through the national Rural Community College Initiative.


Kentucky's Blueprint for Home Ownership
by Fred D. Baldwin

In Kentucky's housing program, organizations at the state and local levels work together to help low- and moderate-income families become first-time home owners.


Building for the Future
by Fred D. Baldwin

The experiences of two Appalachian counties—Tishomingo County, Mississippi, and Muskingum County, Ohio—show how investing in infrastructure pays off in the long run.


A Wealth of Accomplishments
by Lynda McDaniel

The caring, enthusiasm, and hard work of community members in Hale County, Alabama, have led to an array of services for families—and to a program that is preparing the next generation of leaders.


Once Distressed, Jackson County Moves On
by Fred D. Baldwin

Thanks to strong leadership and long-term investments in physical infrastructure, institutional networks, and people, a once-distressed county in North Carolina is moving in the right direction.


The Process for Change
by Fred D. Baldwin

Local leaders are finding solutions to local problems, learning as they go along, with the help of the Appalachian Community Learning Project.


A Conversation on Distressed Counties

Three experts on the Appalachian Region discuss the problems and potentials of the Region's poorest counties.


HandMade Communities
by Fred D. Baldwin

North Carolina's Rural Small Town Revitalization Project, sponsored by the civi group HandMade in America, is helping six communities rediscover themselves and plan for economic growth.


Planning Means Business
by Fred D. Baldwin

In Lee County, Mississippi, community planners are bringing jobs to workers under a 50-year-old effort that emphasizes regional planning. The Turner Industrial Park is one example of their efforts.


Vision and Involvement: Empowered Communities
by Fred D. Baldwin

Throughout Appalachia, citizens are working together to improve their communities. The stories of several efforts show that all have the same starting point: people organizing and cooperating to solve their problems.

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