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Hocking College: Thinking Globally in Southeastern Ohio
by Fred D. Baldwin

Photo of Hocking College

Founded in 1968 to serve three Appalachian counties, Hocking College now attracts students from 33 states and 58 countries, thanks to an innovative instructional approach that includes real-world work opportunities for students.


Cultivating Entrepreneurship: A Pennsylvania Town-Gown Partnership
by Fred D. Baldwin

RG Technologies an information technology company

The Juniata College Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership works in partnership with local groups on a wide range of programs to promote entrepreneurship, benefitting both students and the local economy.


A Regional Strategy for Technology Training
by Fred D. Baldwin

photo of student Beth Pierce

Kingsport, Tennessee, took a strategic look at its future, and saw that technology-oriented training was a key approach to building a more competitive workforce, and keeping its young people at home. The resulting Regional Center for Applied Technology is working hard to meet the growing demand for its classes.


Helping Kids Get Ready to Learn
by Fred D. Baldwin

Photo of children from Tiny Tots Child Development

Alabama's new pre-kindergarten initiative offers quality early childhood education to preschoolers across the state, preparing them for success in school and beyond.


Learning on the Education Express
by Carl Hoffman

In New York's rural Souther Tier, computer and software training travels to students by way of the Education Express mobile classroom, a project of the Schuyler-Chemung-Tioga Board of Cooperative Educational Services.


Schools and the Community: Fostering Mutual Support
by Fred D. Baldwin

Photo of former-Tennessee governor Don Sundquist a

The benefits of building strong ties between Appalachian schools and communities was the topic of ARC's 2002 annual conference, in Maryville, Tennessee.


"Serious Business": Teaching Entrepreneurship Skills to Youths
by Fred D. Baldwin

Photo of students

School-based enterprises give students in rural Alabama hands-on experience in running their own businesses—and a chance to contribute to their communities—through a program of AlabamaREAL.


Creating Opportunities: Tennessee's Southeast Regional Skills Center
by Fred D. Baldwin

Photo of Southeast Regional Skills Center student

Residents of Marion County, Tennessee, have access to a wide range of academic and vocational courses, as well as family- and job-related services, through the Southeast Regional Skills Center.


A Medical School for the Mountains: Training Doctors for Rural Care
by James E. Casto

Photo of medical student Kari Lindsey and physicia

Training primary care doctors for Appalachia is an important part of the mission of Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine.


Appalachian Scene: A New School for Hancock County
by Lynda McDaniel

Photo of elementary students arriving

Hancock County Elementary School was funded through the state of Tennessee's Basic Education Program, which started in the early '90s to equalize funding for school systems throughout the state.


The New Century Scholars
by Carl Hoffman

Photo of New Century Scholars from Jackson County

An education partnership program in North Carolina gives students the incentives and help they need to reach for higher education.


Colleges and Communities: Increasing Local Capacity
by Fred D Baldwin

Photo of Jackie Cornett, owner of Fields Feed

Community colleges in Appalachia are taking a leadership role in helping boost local economies and expand educational opportunities through the national Rural Community College Initiative.


Law and Community Service: The Appalachian School of Law
by Lynda McDaniel

Photo of Appalachian School of Law building

A deep commitment to community service and leadership has shaped the mission of southwest Virginia's new Appalachian School of Law.


Learning to Work Smarter
by Fred D. Baldwin

Photo of welding student Katie Mattison

Partnering with area industry, the Alfred State College of Technology in New York's Southern Tier is training future workers for high-skill manufacturing jobs.


Work Begins at School
by James E. Casto

Photo of students in building trades construction

Real-world work experience for students is the goals of the School-to-Work program at West Virginia's Clay County High School.


Appalachian Scene: A Passion for Education
by Lynda McDaniel

Wayne White has dedicated most of his career to educating young people. A former teacher, assistant principal, and school superintendent, White is now the executive director of the Ohio Appalachian Center for Higher Education (OACHE), promoting higher education for youths and adults.


Breaking the Literacy Barrier
by Carl Hoffman

With support from local government, businesses, and the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Shirley Smith Learning Center is helping adults in Catoosa County, Georgia, change their lives through education.


Learning Skills, Building Futures
by James E. Casto

Unemployed youths in West Virginia gain on-the-job training as they build and renovate low-cost housing in Fayette County's YouthBuild program.


Appalachian Scene: Flying the Blue Ribbon Flag
by Lynda McDaniel

Guntersville Elementary is awarded Blue Ribbon status as part of the U.S. Department of Education's Blue Ribbon Schools Program, a national campaign to improve education in America through the recognition of educational excellence and equity.


Learning on the Information Highway
by Carl Hoffman

Rural Alleghany County, North Carolina, is home to one of the state's seven "cyber campuses," linking rural residents to a world of educational opportunities on the Information Highway.


The Family-School Connection
by Fred D. Baldwin

Family involvement in school helps students succeed, according to both national research and the firsthand experience of families, students, and educators in Owsley County, Kentucky.


Mission: Math and Science
by Carl Hoffman

Hazard, Kentucky's new Challenger Learning Center makes learning fun—and math and science real—to students in rural eastern Kentucky.


Taking the Classroom Home
by Fred D. Baldwin

In a project that aims to make computers and the Internet as integral to learning as books and blackboards, every student at Georgia's Towns County Middle School carries a laptop computer.


Teaching and Learning Online
by Fred D. Baldwin

A new world of resources is opening up for Appalachian students and teachers as schools across the Region wire their classrooms to the Internet.


Appalachian Scene: The Spirit of Oneida
by Carl Hoffman

Thanks to an extraordinary community effort, the Oneida Special School District is not just alive, but arguably one of the best school systems anywhere. It has three brand-new, state-of-the-art buildings, commitments of funding for years to come, and excited, dynamic teachers. And most important of all, enrollment is growing, students' test scores are rising, and more and more students are continuing their education after graduation.


Reading for Life
by Fred D. Baldwin

Barrow County, Georgia's strong commitment to literacy shows in the achievements of its adult learning center.


A Conversation on Professional Development
by Fred D. Baldwin

Susan Loucks-Horsley, director of professional development at the National Research Council's Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education, offers her perspective on the importance of teacher training in improving student performance.


High Expectations
by Fred D. Baldwin

Appalachian schools are working hard to improve instruction and to better prepare students for today's workplace. Many efforts share a common approach: raise standards; raise expectations.


On a Roll for Science and Math
by Fred D. Baldwin

An ambitious project to improve the teaching of math and science is under way in six Appalachian states. The program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, encourages the use of an "inquiry-based" approach to teaching and learning.


Appalachian Scene: Building Character on Campus
by Carl Hoffman

Like its more famous northeastern cousins, Alice Lloyd College is a small, private, liberal-arts college that stresses academic excellence.


Three-Dimensional Summer
by Carl Hoffman

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory's annual ARC Summer Science Honors Academy is a hands-on experience in science for high school students and teachers from throughout Appalachia.


Ohio Puts Kids on the College Track
by Fred D. Baldwin

Several Ohio high schools have substantially boosted the college-going rates of their senior classes. The approaches include demystifying the application process and giving students a firm foundation in the basics.


Appalachia's Best-Kept Secret
by Fred D. Baldwin

The community college system has become a powerful force in Appalachia's economic and community development.


Going for the GED
by Carl Hoffman

In Tennessee, 18 Appalachian counties are substantially boosting their basic skills of former school dropouts through aggressive adult literacy training and GED preparation.


Putting the Community First
by Fred D. Baldwin

Wytheville Community College in southwest Virginia constantly seeks new avenues to bring education and training to the rural communities in its service area.


A Dream, Hard Work, and Belief
by Carl Hoffman

The faculty of this unusual east Kentucky school are dedicated to the proposition that their students, many of whom have dropped out of other schools, can succeed in academics, work, and life.


Mike Duncan: Mentor to Eastern Kentucky
by Carl Hoffman

Mike Duncan established an intern program in 1981 that is meant to be a life-changing experience. Each spring he invites the top 10 percent of the junior class at Lawrence County High School and the top 25 percent of the junior class from Sheldon Clark High School to apply.

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