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January–April 1997 Issue

ANDROS Does the Dirty Work

A remote-controlled robot has made REMOTEC a world leader in its field. REMOTEC is one of a number of success stories from Valley Industrial Park, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.


Challenging Cancer at the Grass Roots
by James E. Casto

The National Cancer Institute has launched an initiative aimed at combating cancer in Appalachia. Teams of citizens at the local level are providing the muscle for the Appalachia Leadership Initiative on Cancer.


Learning to Lead the HI-Y Way
by Fred D. Baldwin

At Camp Horseshoe, a program sponsored by the Ohio–West Virginia YMCA puts teenagers through basic training in citizenship. The benefits of that training will last for years.


Ohio Puts Kids on the College Track
by Fred D. Baldwin

Several Ohio high schools have substantially boosted the college-going rates of their senior classes. The approaches include demystifying the application process and giving students a firm foundation in the basics.


The Appalachian African-American Cultural Center: Building on the Past
by Carl Hoffman

The Appalachian African-American Cultural Center, in Pennington Gap, Virginia, is dedicated to uncovering and preserving the sometimes painful, often triumphant, life stories of black Appalachians.


Vision and Involvement: Empowered Communities
by Fred D. Baldwin

Throughout Appalachia, citizens are working together to improve their communities. The stories of several efforts show that all have the same starting point: people organizing and cooperating to solve their problems.

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