Tomorrow's Workforce: Strategies for Appalachia's Future

October 2008

The Tomorrow's Workforce: Strategies for Appalachia's Future Conference was held October 22–23, 2008, in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Conference Program

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Conference Presentations:

The Changing Policy Agenda for Higher Education: Meeting Workforce Demands
Brian Noland, Chancellor, West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission
PDF format (1.2 MB)

New Views for A New Appalachian Workforce
Tony Sarmiento, Executive Director, Senior Service America, Inc.
PDF format (1.8 MB)

Creating "Second Chances" for Economic Development
Elizabeth Williams, President and CEO, Roxbury Technology Corporation
PDF format (395 KB)

The Role of Workforce and Workforce Development in Site Selection
Dennis C. Cuneo, counsel at Arent Fox, LLP, and senior advisor to Toyota Motor North America
PDF format (1.6 MB)

Developing the Green Collar Workforce
Allan M. Gentry, Chair, Technology Department, Cleveland State Community College
PDF format (1.1 MB)

Southern Company Workforce Development
Susan L. Rossman, Workforce Development Coordinator for Generation and Construction, Southern Company
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Milestones of the WISE Education
Oguz A. Soysal, Chair, Department of Physics and Engineering, Frostburg State University
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An Overview of RJLee Education
Gary Casuccio, Vice President, RJ Lee Group
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Getting Youth to Go and Stay: Raising Levels of Educational Attainment
Cassius O. Johnson, Director, National and Federal Policy, Jobs for the Future
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A Collaborative Statewide Approach to Educational Attainment
Joni Webb Petschauer, Director, Western North Carolina Network for Access and Success, Appalachian State University
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Collaboration across State Boundaries: Interstate Strategies of the Tri-State Regional Workforce Alliance
Phyllis Casavant, Director of Career and Workforce Development, Southeast Tennessee Development District
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Reaching Out, Reaching Beyond, Reaching Ahead: Building a Competitive Workforce for the Jobs of the Future
Domenico Parisi, Director, National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center, Mississippi State University
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Tomorrow's Workforce: Strategies for Appalachia's Future
Sharon L. Phillips, Workforce Development Specialist, WORKFORCE West Virginia
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Reading the Tea Leaves: Divining the Needs of the Workforce
Terrance E. Suarez, President, Mountain Empire Community College
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Corporate Responsibility and Diversity
Vyrone Cravanas, Manager of Employee Relations and Diversity Development, Tennessee Valley Authority
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Programming Design and Development
Bobbie L. Krause, Director, Even Start/Migrant Even Start Family Literacy Program
 PDF format (140 KB)

Tools for Managing, Retaining and Training an Aging Healthcare Workforce
Diane Spokus, Faculty Member, College of Health and Human Development, Pennsylvania State University
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Star Academy Program: A Dropout Prevention Solution
Michael R. Robinson, Co-Designer, Star Academy
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Conference Resources:

Diversity and Recruiting Resources PDF format (140 KB)

Just the Facts! PDF format (105 KB)

Education Attainment Resources PDF format (210 KB)

Role of the Workforce in Site Selection PDF format (130 KB)

Workforce Development Resources PDF format (180 KB)

ARC Education and Training Projects, Fiscal Year 2003–Present Excel file (615 KB)

ERIC Dropout Research PDF format (45 KB)

ERIC Dropout Programs PDF format (46 KB)