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Appalachian Governors Name New ARC States’ Washington Representatives

October 2014


WASHINGTON, October 16, 2014—The governors of the 13 member states of the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) have named Jim McCleskey and James Hyland as their new Washington-based representatives to the Commission. The two states' Washington representatives will work with congressional principals and staff to represent the Appalachian states' economic development goals and provide counsel on policy matters related to the Appalachian Region and to ARC.

McCleskey and Hyland were selected through a competitive process based on their background and experience in the Appalachian Region and in relevant areas of legislative advocacy, economic and community development, and leadership in policy formulation.

McCleskey, a native of North Carolina, served from 1999 to 2012 as the North Carolina governor's representative to the Commission. Since 2013, he has been an independent government affairs consultant on business development issues and government relations. He has extensive experience with the range of issues affecting the Appalachian states, including those related to economic development, transportation, health care, the environment, and the Region's natural resources.

Hyland, a native of Virginia, is a 19-year veteran of Capitol Hill whose experience includes a number of years working as a senior congressional committee staff member. In the course of serving as legislative director for two U.S. senators, Hyland gained a strong background in federal appropriation matters. In 2008, he established his own consulting firm, the Pennsylvania Avenue Group, which provides strategic services regarding federal affairs.

Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs Director Jim Byard Jr., who serves as 2014 ARC States' Co-Chair Robert Bentley's representative to the Commission, welcomed the two new representatives: "Our mission to build the economy of Appalachia and enhance the quality of life of its citizens depends a great deal on support from Congress. Jim and James bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and ability to congressional relations, and we are pleased to have them on board."