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ARC Joins Federal, Philanthropic Partners in Food LINC Initiative to Strengthen Local-Food Supply Chains

March 2016

In March 2016, ARC joined USDA and national and regional philanthropic partners in the Food LINC initiative to bolster the supply chain for local food systems around ten U.S. cities. The initiative will connect demand for local food in urban areas with supply from farmers and ranchers, strengthening regional local food sectors and increasing access to healthy, local food.

By supporting coordination between food producers and purchasers, Food LINC aims to help create market opportunities for producers and create or sustain jobs along local-food supply chains. Nearly $3 million in private and federal funding will support coordination activities at host organizations in the targeted regions, including Appalachian Sustainable Development in the Central Appalachia region. The knowledge gained through coordinators’ efforts will help the partnership determine next steps to link food producers and entrepreneurs with families and institutional consumers to develop more robust local and regional food systems.

Learn more about ARC’s support for local-food development in the Appalachian Region.