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2017 Press Releases

 December 2017
Appalachian Regional Commission Hosts Appalachian Teaching Project Conference in Washington, D.C., Featuring Student Research on Regional Community Development Issues
Student research projects to be presented at the 2017 ATP conference focus on developing Appalachia’s natural and cultural assets, supporting public education initiatives, expanding downtown development and community leadership efforts, enhancing health and the quality of life in Appalachia, and cultivating the economic potential of the Region’s waterways.
 September 2017
Appalachian Regional Commission Announces Nearly $2 Million in Additional POWER Investments in Central Appalachia
On September 6, ARC announced $1.9 million in investments that will continue strengthening the economies of Appalachia’s coal-impacted communities. With these awards, ARC has now invested a total of $94 million to diversify the economies in 250 coal-impacted counties across 11 Appalachian states.
 August 2017
Appalachian Region Endures Dramatic Health Challenges Compared with Nation, New Research Shows
The report Health Disparities in Appalachia, issued in August 2017 by ARC, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, documents dramatic disparities in health outcomes and other health-related factors in the Appalachian Region, compared with the nation as a whole. The first part of a multi-part research project, the study reviewed 41 health indicators to provide a comprehensive overview of the health of the Region's 25 million people, and examined 20-year trends for selected indicators.
 July 2017
New ARC Study Illustrates Continued Economic Impact of Appalachian Development Highway System
In July 2017, ARC released a new study that estimates the economic outcomes of work completed on the Appalachian Development Highway System to date, and forecasts the future economic impacts, benefits, and costs associated with completing the system.
 June 2017
Appalachian Regional Commission Announces $15.7 Million to Strengthen Economies in Appalachia’s Coal-Impacted Communities
On June 14, ARC announced $15.7 million in investments that will help grow the economies in coal-impacted communities in seven Appalachian states by creating or retaining more than 1,700 jobs, benefiting nearly 1,200 students and workers, and leveraging an additional $64 million into the Appalachian Region.
 March 2017
Appalachian Regional Commission Announces $2.4 Million in Additional Investments to Strengthen Appalachia’s Economy
On March 28, ARC announced $2.4 million in additional investments to continue diversifying the economy in Appalachia’s coal-impacted communities. These investments will create and retain hundreds of jobs in advanced manufacturing and agriculture, build a workforce pipeline through the Region’s community colleges, and identify additional economic opportunities for economic growth in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
 February 2017
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Named 2017 Appalachian Regional Commission States’ Co-Chair
Chosen by his fellow Appalachian governors to serve as the Commission's 2017 states' co-chair, Wolf will work directly with the ARC federal co-chair in this leadership role to continue the agency's commitment to economic growth in the 13-state Appalachian Region.
 January 2017
Appalachian Regional Commission Invests $26 Million in Appalachia’s Economic Future
On January 19, ARC announced $26 million in investments that will help coal-impacted communities in the Region train more than 7,300 workers and students in certificate, credentialing, and other workforce development programs and create or retain more than 2.500 jobs. These awards build on the $47 million ARC has invested since 2015 to diversity economies in Appalachia's coal-impacted communities.