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ADHS Approved Corridors and Termini

as of February 25, 2018

A Georgia
North Carolina
I-285 north of Atlanta, Georgia I-40 near Clyde, North Carolina US 19, SR 5
US 64, US 19A
A-1 Georgia Corridor A south of Cumming, Georgia Intersection SR 53 north of Dawson and Forsyth County line US 19
A-2 Georgia Corridor A east of Canton, Georgia I-75 near Cartersville, Georgia SR 20
B North Carolina
Intersection of I-26 and I-40
Asheville, North Carolina
Corridor C north of Portsmouth, Ohio US 23
US 52
SR 348
SR 73
B-1 Kentucky
Corridor B near Greenup Dam, Kentucky Corridor B north of Portsmouth, Ohio US 23
C Ohio Corridor B north of Portsmouth, Ohio I-270 south of Columbus, Ohio US 23
C-1 Ohio Corridor D near Jackson, Ohio Corridor C at Chillicothe Ohio US 35
D Ohio
West Virginia
I-275 east of Cincinnati, Ohio I-79 near Bridgeport, West Virginia SR 32
SR 124, US 50
E West Virginia
I-79 near Morgantown, West Virginia I-70 near Hancock, Maryland SR 73
US 40
F Tennessee
I-75 near Caryville, Tennessee Corridor B near Jenkins, Kentucky US 25W, SR 63
US 25E, US 119
G Kentucky
West Virginia
Corridor B near Pikesville, Kentucky I-64 near Charleston, West Virginia US 119
H West Virginia
I-79 near Weston, West Virginia I-81 near Strasburg, Virginia US 23
US 220, SR 55
I Kentucky Corridor F near Whitesburg, Kentucky I-64 near Winchester, Kentucky SR 15
J Tennessee
I-124 near Chattanooga, Tennessee I-75 near London, Kentucky SR 8, SR 53
SR 61, SR 90, SR 80
J-1 Tennessee Algood City Limits Corridor J near Gainsboro PSR 451, SR 56
K Tennessee
North Carolina
I-75 near Cleveland, Tennessee Corridor A near Dillsboro, North Carolina US 64
US 19, US 19A
L West Virginia I-77 near Beckley, West Virginia I-79 near Sutton, West Virginia US 19
M Pennsylvania I-70/I-76 at New Stanton, Pennsylvania I-81 near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania US 22
N Maryland
Corridor E near Grantsville, Maryland Corridor M at Ebensburg, Pennsylvania US 219
O Maryland
Corridor E near Cumberland, Maryland I-80 near Belfonte, Pennsylvania US 220
O-1 Pennsylvania Corridor O at Port Matilda, Pennsylvania I-80 near Clearfield, Pennsylvania US 322
P Pennsylvania I-80 near Mackeyville, Pennsylvania I-80 near Milton, Pennsylvania SR 147
US 220
P-1 Pennsylvania Corridor M near New Buffalo Corridor P near Milton, Pennsylvania SR 147
Q Kentucky
West Virginia
Corridor B near Shelbiana, Kentucky I-81 near Christiansburg, Virginia SR 80
SR 609
US 460
R Kentucky Corridor I near Campton, Kentucky Corridor B at Prestonburg, Kentucky KY Mountain Pkwy.
S Tennessee I-81 north of White Pine, Tennessee Corridor F south of Harrogate, Tennessee US 25E
T Pennsylvania
New York
I-90 east of Erie, Pennsylvania I-81 near Binghamton, New York SR 430
SR 17
U Pennsylvania
New York
Corridor P near Williamsport, Pennsylvania Corridor T near Elmira, New York US 15, SR 328
SR 328
U-1 Pennsylvania
New York
Interchange with PA 328 SR 17/I-86 US 15
V Mississippi
I-55 near Batesville, Mississippi I-24 west of Chattanooga, Tennessee SR 6, SR 24, I-565
US 72
US 72
W South Carolina
North Carolina
I-85 near Greenville, South Carolina I-26 near Hendersonville, North Carolina US 25 Bypass
US 25
X Mississippi
Corridor V near Fulton, Mississippi I-59 near Birmingham, Alabama US 78
US 78
X-1 Alabama I-459 near Birmingham, Alabama
I-20 near Leeds, Alabama
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