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Approximately 85 business incubators in the ARC district in 2004 were identified. Thanks to the considerable efforts by ARC, its Business Incubator Advisory Committee, and GCGI, a total of 76 incubators responded to the 2004 survey of Appalachian business incubators, and only 9 did not respond.

In contrast, approximately 72 incubators were identified in the same ARC district during the 2001 survey. Therefore, in a period of approximately three years, the number of business incubators in this area increased by about 18 percent (see Figure 1). While this is not a dramatic increase, it is notable, given the downturn in the national and many local and regional economies during that period.

Figure 1. Number of ARC Incubators

Figure 1. Number of ARC Incubators. The chart shows the number of ARC business incubators in 2001 and 2004. There were approximately 72 incubators in 2001, compared with approximately 85 incubators in 2004.