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ARDI Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony Webcast

The Appalachian Regional Development Initiative (ARDI) MOU signing ceremony took place on November 12, 2010.

Instructions for Viewing the ARDI MOU Ceremony Webcast
The webcast is best viewed in Internet Explorer. You must have have JavaScript, ActiveX, and media plugins enabled in your browser to view this webcast.

View recorded webcast of the MOU signing ceremony

If you are not able to view the webcast through the above link, follow these instructions:

  1. Copy and paste this URL into the Internet Explorer address bar:
  2. Hover on the "View Conferences" button in the top left corner of the page and click on "Recorded."
  3. Click on "SVHEC ARC" to start the webcast.
  4. If this does not give you access to the webcast, click on the "Preferences" button in the top right corner of the page for help.

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