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Consultation on Community Philanthropy in Appalachia

March 13, 2012
National Council for Higher Education Building
Washington, D.C.

The objective of the March 2012 Consultation on Community Philanthropy in Appalachia was to educate ARC's federal, state, and local partners and other stakeholders about community foundations in Appalachia and their role in economic and community development.

Consultation meeting summary (PDF: 164 KB)

Consultation agenda (PDF: 116 KB)

Consultation attendee list (PDF: 77 KB)

Working inventory of community foundations in Appalachia (PDF: 117 KB)

Consultation Presentations

Presentations are posted with the speakers' permission.

An Overview of Community Philanthropy in Appalachia
John Molinaro, Co-Director, Community Strategies Group, The Aspen Institute (PDF: 230 KB)

Transfer of Wealth and Tax Credits in Appalachia
Don Macke, Director, Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI) Center for Rural Entrepreneurship (PDF: 824 KB)

The Practice of Appalachian Community Foundations
Judy Sjostedt, Executive Director, Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and Affiliates (West Virginia) (PDF: 669 KB)
Leanne Mazer, Executive Director, Tri-County Council for Western Maryland (PDF: 871 KB)
Cara Dingus Brook, President and Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Appalachian Ohio (PDF: 723 KB)
Mike Clayborne, President, CREATE Foundation, Inc. (Mississippi) (PDF: 804 KB)

Perspective and Services for Appalachia: Council on Foundations
Stephanie Powers, Managing Director, Public-Philanthropic Partnerships, Council on Foundations (PDF: 180 KB)