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Leadership Development and Capacity Building

In order to develop competitive and sustainable economies, communities must have the capacity to plan for and take advantage of economic opportunities. Building the capacity of three interdependent elements—individual leaders, organizations, and the community as a whole—to develop and work strategically toward economic goals is vital to helping Appalachian communities reach socioeconomic parity with the nation.

ARC grants supports projects that build leadership development skills; foster broad citizen involvement; support the development of strategic planning processes; and promote collaborations among business, government, nonprofit, and philanthropic organizations.

Strategies include:

  • Building the capacity to collaborate among government, business, and nonprofit and philanthropic sectors;
  • Encouraging partnerships and promoting regional efforts in economic development;
  • Promoting community dialogue on economic development; and
  • Providing training and consultation services to local governments and nonprofit orgznizations engaged in economic development.


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Strategic Planning
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