Community Infrastructure

ARC's community infrastructure work focuses primarily on the provision of water and wastewater services to support business and community development projects, and to alleviate public and environmental health hazards.

Many Appalachian communities lack basic public services and do not have the financial capacity to fund water and wastewater improvements. More than 25 percent of the Region's population is not served by a community water system and must rely on private well water for their drinking water needs. Nearly half of all Appalachian households rely on on-site wastewater disposal. ARC's residential infrastructure program targets the Region's most economically distressed communities, and utility systems that are struggling to resolve public health and environmental emergencies.

ARC also supports infrastructure investments that promote economic and employment opportunities. The provision of water, sewer, gas, fiber, and access roads are critical to attracting new development and supporting the expansion and economic health of the Region's existing business sector. ARC uses grant funds to leverage other public dollars and private-sector investment to attract commercial and industrial development.


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