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Organizations Specializing in Brownfields Redevelopment


EPA's Web Pages on Brownfield Redevelopment
News, grant information, and explanations of brownfields development.

The Brownfields Center
A joint venture of Carnegie Mellon University and The University of Pittsburgh, the center applies an interdisciplinary approach to researching brownfield redevelopment.

The Brownfields and Land Revitalization Technology Support Center
Tracks the most current technologies available for brownfield site investigation and cleanup. The center is coordinated through EPA's Technology Innovation Office.

EPA's Technology Innovation Program (TIP)
TIP advocates more effective, less costly approaches to assess and clean up contaminated waste sites, soil, and groundwater. TIP's focus includes brownfield sites, as well as Superfund sites, corrective action sites under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, underground storage tank clean-ups, and state voluntary clean-up programs.

The national Phoenix Awards for Excellence in Brownfield Redevelopment are awarded annually to individuals and groups working to transform abandoned industrial areas so they can be put to to productive new uses. The 2008 Phoenix Awards were presented in Detroit, Michigan. The award winners remediated and redeveloped more than 1,350 acres of land, which is now used for medical research and medical centers, large mixed use communities, a fueling station, revitalized manufacturing plants, retail and commercial centers, green buildings, restored waterfronts, and trails for tourist destinations.