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ARC Code

Revised 2019


Chapter 1—The ARC Code
  • Section 1.1–The Code
  • Section 1.2–Codification Authority
  • Section 1.3–Reserved Powers
  • Section 1.4–General Guidelines Authorization

Chapter 2—Commission Partnership

  • Section 2.1–Commission Partnership
  • Section 2.2–Composition of Commission
  • Section 2.3–General Powers and Duties
  • Section 2.4–Delegation
  • Section 2.5–State Alternates
  • Section 2.6–Committees
  • Section 2.7–Executive Director
  • Section 2.8–Staff
  • Section 2.9–Office of Inspector General

Chapter 3—Bylaws

  • Section 3.1–Commission Actions - Votes, Mail Ballots
  • Section 3.2–Meetings, Conduct of Meetings
  • Section 3.3–Hearings
  • Section 3.4–Commission Administrative Expenses
  • Section 3.5–Contingency Re-allocations

Chapter 4—Management

  • Section 4.1–Management System
  • Section 4.2–Financial Management
  • Section 4.3–Personnel
  • Section 4.4–Conduct of Investigations

Chapter 5—Appalachian Development Planning

  • Section 5.1–General Policy on Planning
  • Section 5.2–Regional Development Plan
  • Section 5.3–State Development Plan
  • Section 5.4–Annual Strategy Statement
  • Section 5.5–Projects

Chapter 6—Investing in Appalachia's Future: ARC Strategic Plan

  • Section 6.1–ARC's Vision for the Region's Future
  • Section 6.2–ARC's Mission
  • Section 6.3–Guiding Principles
  • Section 6.4–Goals
  • Section 6.5–Implementing Guidelines: Performance Management

Chapter 7—General Provisions for the Area Development Program

  • Section 7.1–Designation of Program
  • Section 7.2–Allocation
  • Section 7.3–General Project Approval Criteria
  • Section 7.4–Guidelines
  • Section 7.5–Distressed Counties Program
  • Section 7.6–Economically Strong Counties
  • Section 7.7–LDD Assistance
  • Section 7.8–Research
  • Section 7.9–Discretionary Grant Authority

Chapter 8—Grant Administration

  • Section 8.1–General
  • Section 8.2–Equal Opportunity
  • Section 8.3–Conflict of Interest
  • Section 8.4–Restrictions on Assistance
  • Section 8.5–Local Labor
  • Section 8.6–Cornerstone or Plaque
  • Section 8.7–Prohibition on Certain Confidentiality Agreement
  • Section 8.8–Conditional Title to Property and Equipment
  • Section 8.9–Post-Grant Cooperation

Chapter 9—Highways

  • Section 9.1–System Criteria
  • Section 9.2–Appalachian Development Highway System
  • Section 9.3–ADHS Completion Priorities
  • Section 9.4–Procedures for Approval of Obligations of Funds for Eligible Highway Activities
  • Section 9.5–Allocations of Available Funds
  • Section 9.6–Local Access Roads

Appendix A to Chapter 9—Appalachian Highway System–Approved Corridors and Termini

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