ARC Project Guidelines

Revised 2016



  1. Appalachian Regional Development Act
  2. ARC Code: General Project Approval Criterion
Section 1—Objectives
Section 2—Matching
Section 3—Miscellaneous Requirements
Section 4—Project Applications
Section 5—Local Access Roads
Section 6—Regional Skills Partnerships

Appendix A—Policy Statements

  1. Policy for the Development of the Travel and Tourism Industry
  2. Policy for the Use of ARC Export Funds for Trade Events
  3. Policy for Residential Infrastructure Projects

Appendix B—Regional Initiative Guidelines

  1. General Provisions
  2. Leadership and Civic Development Project Guidelines
  3. Internationalization of the Appalachian Economy Project Guidelines
  4. Telecommunications and Technology Project Guidelines
  5. Building Entrepreneurial Economies Project Guidelines
  6. Asset-Based Development Project Guidelines

ARC Project Guidelines (PDF: 135 KB)