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Natural Resources

An Economic Analysis of the Appalachian Coal Industry Ecosystem
January 2018
Eric Bowen, Mark L. Burton, Christiadi, David B. Clarke, Rebecca J. Davis, John Deskins, Randall Jackson, Péter Járosi, Brian Lego, Matthew Murray, Péter Schaeffer, and Charles Sims
West Virginia University and The University of Tennessee
This January 2018 series of five ARC-commissioned reports explores some of the current and potential impacts of Appalachia’s declining coal production on elements of the coal ecosystem.
Abstract & Report Contents
Appalachian Coal Industry, Power Generation, and Supply Chain
March 2016
Dan Hodge
Hodge Economic Consulting
This 2016 study commissioned by ARC provides an overview of the coal industry ecosystem including production, power generation, and supply chain linkages, and presents the most current data and trends on coal-related industrie
Abstract & Report Contents
Agriculture and Food System Trends in the Appalachian Region: 2007-2012
July 2015
Charlie Jackson, Allison Perrett, and Katie Descieux
Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP)
This report examines trends in the 2007 and 2012 Censuses of Agriculture and related socioeconomic databases in order to assess, benchmark, and document food and farm activity and the local food economy in the Appalachian Region.
Abstract & Report Contents
An Assessment of Natural Assets in the Appalachian Region: Water Resources
September 2014
Downstream Strategies, West Virginia University, and the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development
This study attempts to understand water assets in the Appalachian Region in order to facilitate water management and planning strategies. It evaluates water quantity, water quality, and water value, using data and information collected for a variety of me
Abstract & Report Contents Full report in PDF (3.5 MB)
An Assessment of Natural Assets in the Appalachian Region: Forest Resources
September 2014
Downstream Strategies,West Virginia University,and the National Network of Forest Practitioners
This study describes forest assets in the Appalachian Region to facilitate forest management and planning strategies and to provide useful information and tools for decision-makers.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (6 MB)