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Distressed Counties

Strategies for Economic Improvement in Appalachia's Distressed Rural Counties
May 2012
Tim Ezzell, Dayton Lambert, and Eric Ogle
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
This report provides an understanding of the challenges confronting economic and community development efforts in rural Appalachian communities and explains the ways local governments, agencies, and community organizations plan and respond to challenging
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (12.9 MB)
Developing and Assessing Potential Forward-Looking Distress Indicators for the Appalachian Region
June 2009
Partridge, M., Lobao, L., Enver, A., Jeanty, W., Beaulieu, B., Gallardo, R., and Goetz, S.
This ARC-commissioned study evaluated indicators used to classify counties as economically distressed, with the goal of improving the ability to target resources effectively to counties facing barriers to economic progress.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (16.9 MB)
An Assessment of Alternative Measures for Determining Economically Distressed Counties and Areas in the Appalachian Region
March 2008
This report was solely funded by the 13 partner states of the Appalachian Regional Commission.
This report responds to a proactive effort by the ARC to explore new avenues for assessing wellbeing. Despite well-recognized advances, chronic socioeconomic distress persists in various pockets in the region while other areas face instability.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (8 MB)
Trends in National and Regional Economic Distress: 1960-2000
April 2005
Wood, Lawrence E.
Ohio University
This report analyzes recent demographic data to examine the factors explaining the graduation of distressed counties and the persistence of distress in Appalachia and other regions of the U.S.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (1.7 MB)
Labor Market Performance, Poverty, and Income Inequality in Appalachia
September 2004
Black, Dan A., and Seth G. Sanders
Syracuse University and University of Maryland
This study examines the performance of the Appalachian economy and how residents of Appalachia fared between 1990 and 2000.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (1.1 MB)
Progress and Challenges in Reducing Economic Distress in Appalachia: An Analysis of National and Regional Trends Since 1960
January 2000
Wood, Lawrence E. and Gregory A. Bischak
Appalachian Regional Commission
This report analyzes changes in the number of distressed counties in Appalachia and the entire United States for the census years 1960, 1970, 1980, and 1990.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (4 MB)
Building on Past Experiences: Creating a New Future for Distressed Counties
January 1999
Glasmeier, Amy K. and Kurtis G. Fuellhart
Pennsylvania State University, Institute for Policy Research and Evaluation
This report studies the development experience of the distressed counties with the aim of identifying the lessons that might be learned from those counties that have changed socioeconomic status.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (5.8 MB)