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Recent Trends in Poverty in the Appalachian Region: The Implications of the U.S. Census Bureau Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates on the ARC Distressed Counties Designation
August 2000
Hammer, Roger
University of Wisconsin, Applied Population Laboratory
Recent poverty trends for Appalachia are examined in this report, which looks at how the use of the Census Bureau's annual Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE) would affect ARC's distressed county designations.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (6.5 MB)
Evaluation of the Appalachian Regional Commission's Infrastructure and Public Works Program Projects
June 2000
The Brandow Company and Economic Development Research Group, Inc.
ARC commissioned this evaluation of infrastructure and public works projects in order to determine the extent to which these projects have achieved their originally stated objectives.
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An Analysis of the Economic Development Role of Business Associations and Other Intermediary Organizations Serving Appalachian Industries, Volume I: Report and Volume II: Appendix
April 2000
McCormick, Lynn E.
Hunter College at The City University of New York
This report examines the economic development role of business associations and shows how collaboration among firms through business associations and other entities can increase the participating firms' competitiveness.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (850 KB)
Appalachian Migration Patterns, 1975-1980 and 1985-1990
March 2000
Obermiller, Phillip J., and Steven R. Howe
University of Kentucky and University of Cincinnati
This study provides a framework for understanding the changes in the Region due to in- and out-migration from 1975 to 1990. The study includes changes by age, race, educational attainment, income, and subregions.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (150 KB)
Progress and Challenges in Reducing Economic Distress in Appalachia: An Analysis of National and Regional Trends Since 1960
January 2000
Wood, Lawrence E. and Gregory A. Bischak
Appalachian Regional Commission
This report analyzes changes in the number of distressed counties in Appalachia and the entire United States for the census years 1960, 1970, 1980, and 1990.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (4 MB)
Strengthening Economic Resilience in the Appalachian Region
January 2000
Fritz Boettner, Evan Fedorko, Evan Hansen, Alan Collins, Brianne Zimmerman, Stephan J. Goetz, Yicheol Han, and Christine Gyovai
Downstream Strategies; Dialogue + Design Associates; Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development at the Pennsylvania State University; West Virginia University
This study explores economic resilience in the Appalachian Region.
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