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Industry Structure and Company Strategies of Major Domestic and Foreign Wind and Solar Energy Manufacturers: Opportunities for Supply Chain Development in Appalachia
November 2009
Susman, G.I., and Glasmeier, A.K.
This report presents results from a study of the status of the solar- and wind-energy industries in the Appalachian Region and the challenges firms and state governments face in preparing for and competing in these rapidly emerging industries.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (2.4 MB)
Developing and Assessing Potential Forward-Looking Distress Indicators for the Appalachian Region
June 2009
Partridge, M., Lobao, L., Enver, A., Jeanty, W., Beaulieu, B., Gallardo, R., and Goetz, S.
This ARC-commissioned study evaluated indicators used to classify counties as economically distressed, with the goal of improving the ability to target resources effectively to counties facing barriers to economic progress.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (16.9 MB)
Energy Efficiency in Appalachia: How Much More is Available, at What Cost, and by When?
March 2009
Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance
This study assesses the long-term energy-efficiency gains that could be achieved by implementing an ambitious package of energy-efficiency policies throughout Appalachia.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (2.7 MB)