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Program Evaluation of ARC's Education and Workforce Development Projects: 2000-2008
December 2012
Gary Silverstein and Melissa Bryce, Westat; Diana Long, Rahall Transportation Institute; and Steve Landau, Economic Development Research Group
Prepared by Westat
This report presents findings from an evaluation of education and workforce development projects funded by ARC between fiscal years 2000 and 2008, and recommendations for enhancing performance measurement procedures.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (2.3 MB)
Health Care Costs and Access Disparities in Appalachia
July 2012
PDA, Inc., and the Cecil B. Sheps Center for Health Services Research, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
This report describes the relative availability of health care resources, level of health insurance coverage and cost of providing health services in the Appalachian Region compared with the rest of the United States.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (6.9 MB)
An Analysis of Oral Health Disparities and Access to Services in the Appalachian Region
July 2012
Denise D. Krause, Ph.D.; Warren L. May, Ph.D.; Nancy M. Lane, MA; Jeralynn S, Cossman, Ph.D.; Thomas R. Konrad, Ph.D.
This study analyzes disparities in oral health status and access to oral health care in the Appalachian Region, and examines relationships between oral health disparities and socioeconomic status indicators.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (6.8 MB)
Strategies for Economic Improvement in Appalachia's Distressed Rural Counties
May 2012
Tim Ezzell, Dayton Lambert, and Eric Ogle
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
This report provides an understanding of the challenges confronting economic and community development efforts in rural Appalachian communities and explains the ways local governments, agencies, and community organizations plan and respond to challenging
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (12.9 MB)
Assessing the Landscape of Local Food in Appalachia
May 2012
Jean Haskell, Ph.D., for the Appalachian Regional Commission
This report examines the burgeoning local food movement in the Appalachian Region, describes best practices, and analyzes gaps and opportunities for expanding this sector of the economy.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (650 KB)
The Appalachian Region: A Data Overview from the 2006-2010 American Community Survey
February 2012
Kelvin Pollard and Linda A. Jacobsen
Population Reference Bureau
This study examines state- and county-level data on population, age, race and ethnicity, housing occupancy and housing tenure, education, labor force, employment and unemployment, income and poverty, and migration patterns for the 13 Appalachian states.
Abstract & Report Contents Full Report in PDF (6 MB)