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ARC uses Congressionally appropriated funds to invest in the Region’s economic development through grants. As part of our unique federal-state partnership, ARC’s  grant application process begins at the state government level. All ARC grants align with the investment priorities outlined in our current strategic plan, and are made in conformance with state plans and strategies.

The first step in applying for an ARC grant is to contact your state program manager. If you’re a grant applicant, select “pre-award” as your funding stage to access resources for your application process. If you receive an award and become an ARC grantee, check out our “post-award” resources for payments and other aspects of grant management.

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ARC Project Guidelines

The guidelines set forth the criteria for approval of ARC projects reflecting the requirements of the Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965 (ARDA), as amended, the ARC Code, and the provisions of the ARC Strategic Plan.