Appalachian Entrepreneurship Academy

In partnership with Appalachian State University, EntreEd, and STEM West, ARC’s Appalachian Entrepreneurship Academy (AEA) prepares the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and thinkers.

Chosen via a competitive application process, 26 high school students from across the Appalachian Region participate in experiential learning designed to cultivate creativity and develop essential entrepreneurial skills. Students develop and implement their own business ideas, refine and prototype those ideas, and deliver a shark-tank-style pitch to a panel of entrepreneurs. New this year, students will work with peer mentors who are AEA alumni.

For two weeks, AEA participants will, at no cost, reside on Appalachian State University’s campus and immersing themselves in the surrounding town of Boone, North Carolina.

This unique location provides students with opportunities to celebrate local culture and diversity, and develop ideas to maintain and sustain these critical aspects of Appalachian communities. In addition to the work of developing their businesses, students will engage in recreational activities throughout the experience, including activities on-campus (including swimming, gaming, and playing sports) and in the region (including hiking, visiting local attractions, and attending arts and music performances).

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ARC is excited to partner with Appalachian State University, EntreEd, and STEM West to prepare the next generation of the Region’s entrepreneurial leaders and thinkers.

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