ARC’s Structure and Leadership

ARC is led by a Commission composed of the Governors from each of the Region’s 13 states, and a Federal Co-Chairman who is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Each year, the governors select a States’ Co-Chair to lead the Commission in partnership with the Federal Co-Chairman.

Meet our Federal Co-Chairman

To ensure ARC continues supporting Appalachia’s economic growth, ARC’s federal office works with the 13 member governors, their state alternates and program managers, and local development districts. ARC’s Federal Co-Chairman is Tim Thomas.

Meet Our 13 Governors

To ensure an active federal-state partnership, the governors of the Appalachian States serve as members of the Appalachian Regional Commission. ARC’s States’ Co-Chairman for 2021 is Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia.

ARC State Partners and Staff

Each Appalachian Governor selects an appointee to represent his or her state’s interests and priorities to the Commission. These representatives, referred to as State Alternates, are liaisons between the Governors and ARC Leadership. Every state also has a State Program Manager who is the state-level contact for ARC and facilitates ARC investments with ARC staff. Alternates and State Program Managers work closely with local organizations, including Local Development Districts, to guide ARC investment decisions and policy decisions. ARC staff review proposals, manage investments, and conduct research in cooperation with the states.

Meet Our Executive Director

Brandon McBride joined ARC in November 2020. Before coming to ARC, McBride was the Vice President for Federal Relations at the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation.

Office of the Inspector General

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) provides independent and objective audits and investigations relating to agency programs and operations, as set forth in the Inspector General Act of 1978 (Public Law 95-452), as amended.

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