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Economists, mapping specialists, evaluators, and data analysts in ARC’s Research and Evaluation Division regularly publish internal and commissioned reports and maps, and maintain an updated county-specific searchable data report tool. Research reports address critical socioeconomic issues impacting the Appalachian Region, while evaluations assess ARC’s own investment portfolios. ARC’s research and data is meant to help policymakers and our partners better understand Appalachia’s challenges and make more informed, effective decisions to address them. Published information also provides valid data for outside researchers studying the Region.

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ARC's Fiscal Year runs September 30 - October 1, and is named for the calendar year in which it closes. County Economic Status maps, investment data, and budget and performance documents are categorized by Fiscal Year.

Other ARC content, including research reports, evaluations and news updates, fall into the January 1- December 31 calendar year.

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Evaluation of ARC’s INSPIRE Initiative

The East Tennessee State University (ETSU) Center for Rural Health Research, in collaboration with the ETSU Addiction Science Center, conducted an evaluation of the INSPIRE Initiative on behalf of ARC in 2022-2023. The evaluation was designed to advance understanding of the accessibility of the application process, implementation successes and…

POWER Initiative Evaluation: The Value of POWER

Since 2015, ARC has funded 395 projects under the Partnerships for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization (POWER) Initiative to empower Appalachian communities to create more vibrant, diverse, and sustainable economies. To understand successes, challenges, and lessons learned through implementation, as well as to examine results of POWER projects, ARC…

Strengthening the Appalachian Regional Commission’s Grant Performance Measurement: A Roadmap and Recommendations

This evaluation was designed to help ARC learn about grant performance measurement practices at comparison organizations, assess ARC’s current grant performance measurement system, and provide recommendations for updating the current system. Full Report Strengthening the Appalachian Regional Commission’s Grant Performance Measurement: A Roadmap and Recommendations –…