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Press Releases
 September 2017
Appalachian Regional Commission Announces Nearly $2 Million in Additional POWER Investments in Central Appalachia
On September 6, ARC announced $1.9 million in investments that will continue strengthening the economies of Appalachia’s coal-impacted communities. With these awards, ARC has now invested a total of $94 million to diversify the economies in 250 coal-impacted counties across 11 Appalachian states.
 August 2017
Appalachian Region Endures Dramatic Health Challenges Compared with Nation, New Research Shows
The report Health Disparities in Appalachia, issued in August 2017 by ARC, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, documents dramatic disparities in health outcomes and other health-related factors in the Appalachian Region, compared with the nation as a whole. The first part of a multi-part research project, the study reviewed 41 health indicators to provide a comprehensive overview of the health of the Region's 25 million people, and examined 20-year trends for selected indicators.
 July 2017
New ARC Study Illustrates Continued Economic Impact of Appalachian Development Highway System
In July 2017, ARC released a new study that estimates the economic outcomes of work completed on the Appalachian Development Highway System to date, and forecasts the future economic impacts, benefits, and costs associated with completing the system.
 June 2017
Appalachian Regional Commission Announces $15.7 Million to Strengthen Economies in Appalachia’s Coal-Impacted Communities
On June 14, ARC announced $15.7 million in investments that will help grow the economies in coal-impacted communities in seven Appalachian states by creating or retaining more than 1,700 jobs, benefiting nearly 1,200 students and workers, and leveraging an additional $64 million into the Appalachian Region.
 March 2017
Appalachian Regional Commission Announces $2.4 Million in Additional Investments to Strengthen Appalachia’s Economy
On March 28, ARC announced $2.4 million in additional investments to continue diversifying the economy in Appalachia’s coal-impacted communities. These investments will create and retain hundreds of jobs in advanced manufacturing and agriculture, build a workforce pipeline through the Region’s community colleges, and identify additional economic opportunities for economic growth in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
 February 2017
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Named 2017 Appalachian Regional Commission States’ Co-Chair
Chosen by his fellow Appalachian governors to serve as the Commission's 2017 states' co-chair, Wolf will work directly with the ARC federal co-chair in this leadership role to continue the agency's commitment to economic growth in the 13-state Appalachian Region.
 January 2017
Appalachian Regional Commission Invests $26 Million in Appalachia’s Economic Future
On January 19, ARC announced $26 million in investments that will help coal-impacted communities in the Region train more than 7,300 workers and students in certificate, credentialing, and other workforce development programs and create or retain more than 2.500 jobs. These awards build on the $47 million ARC has invested since 2015 to diversity economies in Appalachia's coal-impacted communities.
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2016 Press Releases
 December 2016
150 Appalachian Students Participate in Appalachian Teaching Project Conference in Washington, D.C.
Supported by ARC and organized by ETSU's Center for Appalachian Studies and Services, ATP helps student participants cultivate leadership and public policy skills and strengthen their research skills. For 2016, students' ATP research reflects key themes in ARC’s strategic investment plan, including natural and cultural asset development, downtown revitalization, leadership and planning, workforce development, and health.
 October 2016
Obama Administration Announces Nearly $28 Million in Additional Investments to Strengthen the Economy in Nation’s Coal-Impacted Communities
On October 26, ARC and EDA announced nearly $28 million in additional 2016 POWER investments to help stimulate economic growth and opportunity in the nation’s coal-impacted communities. These grant awards supplement the $38.8 million in POWER grants announced in August and include $20.3 million for projects befitting Appalachian communities.
 October 2016
ARC Releases Toolkit to Help Rural Communities Expand Broadband Service
The Broadband Planning Primer and Toolkit offers information and resources to guide rural Appalachian communities as they undertake broadband planning and implementation efforts.
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News Briefs
 September 2017
Legislative Update: President Signs Legislation Extending Government Funding through December 8
Signed September 8, the legislation continues ARC's funding at the FY 2017 level, minus a small across-the-board reduction. Commission programs and activities funded through the legislation are the same as those funded through the agency’s FY 2017 appropriation.
 July 2017
Legislative Update: House Approves FY 2018 Appropriations Legislation Containing $130 Million for ARC
Approved on July 27, the legislation provides $70 million for ARC’s regular program and $50 million for the POWER Initiative to help communities adversely impacted by changes in the coal industry and power sector.
 July 2017
Legislative Update: Senate, House Appropriations Committees Approve FY 2018 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bills Containing ARC Funding
The Senate appropriations bill provides $142 million for ARC’s nonhighway programs, while the House bill contains $130 million for ARC. Both bills include $70 million for ARC’s regular program and $50 million for the POWER Initiative to help Appalachian communities adversely impacted by changes in the coal industry and power sector.
 May 2017
Legislative Update: President Trump Signs FY 2017 Omnibus Appropriations Legislation
Signed on May 5, the compromise legislation funds the federal government through the end of fiscal year 2017. The measure provides $152 million for ARC programs.
 May 2017
Legislative Update: FY 2017 Omnibus Appropriations Legislation Includes $152 Million for ARC
The May 1 omnibus bill provides $6 million more for ARC's FY 2017 programs than the Commission received for FY 2016. House and Senate action on the legislation is pending.
 March 2017
Legislative Update: President’s FY 2018 Budget Blueprint Outlines Spending Priorities, Proposes Elimination of Agencies Including ARC
Released March 16, the president’s budget blueprint proposes increased federal funding for certain defense, security, and other programs, with the increases offset by proposed reductions in or elimination of a range of programs, including ARC.
 January 2017
ASD Conference to Explore Improving Communities’ Economic and Physical Health through Agriculture and Food Systems
ARC Federal Co-Chair Earl Gohl will give the keynote address at Appalachian Sustainable Development's “Intersections: Aligning Agriculture, Nutrition, Health, and Economic Development” conference on January 9 in Kingsport, Tennessee.
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 October 2017
Transforming Appalachia: Embracing Change to Drive Progress
An Appalachian Regional Commission Conference
Hosted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

October 17–19, 2017
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh–Green Tree
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Conference Web site
 September 2017
Global Appalachia Workshop
September 11–13, 2017
Washington, D.C.
Workshop agenda (PDF: 144 KB)
 June 2017
Appalachian Higher Education Network 2017 Annual Conference
June 27–29, 2017
Resort at Glade Springs
Daniels, West Virginia
Conference summary
Conference flyer (PDF: 240 KB)
 April 2017
Appalachian Higher Education Network 2017 Spring Meeting
April 24–26, 2017
Washington, D.C.
Meeting summary
 March 2017
Appalachia Funders Network 2017 Annual Meeting
March 28–30, 2017
Abingdon, Virginia
Event Web site
 March 2017
Diversification and Growth in Appalachia: Developing a Workforce to Meet the Demands of a Changing Economy
Development District Association of Appalachia Annual Conference
March 19–21, 2017
Crystal Gateway Marriott
Arlington, Virginia
 February 2017
ARC 2017 Governors' Quorum Meeting
February 26, 2017
4:15 p.m.–5:15 p.m.
J.W. Marriott Hotel
1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C.
 December 2016
2016 Appalachian Teaching Project Conference
December 2–3, 2016
Crystal City Marriott
1999 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, Virginia
Conference agenda (PDF: 146 KB)
2016 ATP participants and project descriptions (PDF: 144 KB)
Videos of conference presentations
 November 2016
Appalachian Higher Education Network 2016 Fall Meeting
November 9–10, 2016
Erma Byrd Higher Education Center
Beaver, West Virginia
Meeting agenda (PDF: 117 KB)
 October 2016
Global Appalachia Workshop
October 24–26, 2016
Washington, D.C.
Workshop agenda (PDF: 130 KB)
 August 2016
Aspire Appalachia: Collaborations in Rural Development Conference
An Appalachian Regional Commission Conference
Hosted by the State of Tennessee

August 30–31, 2016
Millennium Centre
Johnson City, Tennessee
Conference program, videos, and presentations
 June 2016
Appalachian Higher Education Network 2016 Annual Conference
June 21–23, 2016
MeadowView Conference Resort and Convention Center
Kingsport, Tennessee
Conference agenda (PDF: 152 KB)
Conference summary
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