Investing in Appalachia’s economic future.

ARC's POWER Initiative makes funding available for projects diversifying Appalachia's coal-impacted economies.
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Appalachian Regional Commission

The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) is an economic development partnership agency of the federal government and 13 state governments focusing on 420 counties across the Appalachian Region. ARC’s mission is to innovate, partner, and invest to build community capacity and strengthen economic growth in Appalachia.

A Region of Great Opportunity

ARC invests in Appalachia’s economic future by providing grants, publishing research, and sponsoring learning experiences – all to help the Region’s communities seize their opportunities, address economic disparity and advance prosperity.

Research and Resources

Helping Nonprofits Navigate COVID-19

ARC’s Appalachia Nonprofit Resource Center is now offering expertly curated  resources on financial management, sustainable operations, fundraising, and other tools free of charge. The resource directory is primarily responsive to the specific needs of Appalachian nonprofits during the COVID crisis and will be continually updated throughout 2021.

New Report

Appalachian Mortality Rates Improve but Disparities Remain

A new report from the Appalachian Regional Commission finds that despite overall declining mortality rates from diseases of despair (overdose, suicide, and liver disease) between 2017–2018, the Region’s diseases of despair mortality rate in 2018 was still 36 percent higher than the rate for the non-Appalachian United States.

Available Opportunities


ARC Seeks Developer for Grant Application System

The Appalachian Regional Commission is seeking proposals from qualified developers and/or companies to complete the development of our online grant application platform, OSCAR (Online System for Conveying Applications to Reviewers). As a platform, OSCAR must be adaptable to support the submission, review, and revision of ARC area development grant applications.


Area Development Program

ARC’s Area Development program makes investments in two general areas: critical infrastructure and business and workforce development. All ARC Area Development grant proposals originate at the state level in consultation with the ARC state program manager.

In The Region


This Week

STEMwork is a teacher professional development initiative that builds leadership capacity for implementing and sustaining STEM workforce education. In April 2020, one STEMwork participant used the tools he gained to give back to his community amidst COVID-19 by printing 3D masks to support the nurses and other leaders serving his school each day.

COVID-19 in Appalachia

As COVID-19 continues to impact the nation, ARC is carefully monitoring its effects in Appalachia. ARC’s goal during this crisis is to be a resource hub for the Region. Explore our maps, data, and webinars collected from the federal government, the 13 Appalachian state governments, and our partners.

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