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Appalachian Overdose Mapping Tool Users can map regional overdose hotspots and overlay data to provide additional context to the opioid epidemic.



New Data Visualization Tool Enables In-Depth, County-by-County Look at Impact of Opioid Epidemic in Appalachia
Developed by NORC at the University of Chicago and ARC, the Appalachian Overdose Mapping Tool integrates overdose mortality rates for Appalachia's 420 counties with data on socioeconomic factors including unemployment, poverty, disability, and others.  Press release

In the Region This Week: March 15
After eight years of service to Appalachia as ARC federal co-chair, Earl Gohl ends his tenure with the agency; the Prosperity Fund fosters entrepreneurial activity in business sectors that have significant potential for economic growth in Alabama; apprenticeships help train new technical workers. Read more and subscribe to ARC's weekly news snapshot.

ARC Releases FY 2017 State-by-State Investment Overview
The overview includes fact sheets detailing ARC's fiscal year 2017 economic development investments in each of the 13 Appalachian states, as well as a regional investment summary.  Press release

In the Region This Week: March 8
Digital Careers Now is building the digital economy in eastern Kentucky by bridging the gap between employers and career seekers; Social Enterprise Ecosystem Appalachia and regional partners aim to boost rural impact investing; the Appalachian Innovators series shines a spotlight on people, programs, and policies doing things differently. Read more and subscribe to ARC's weekly news snapshot.

Administration Requests $152 Million for ARC for FY 2019
Released February 12, the administration's proposed budget for fiscal year 2019 requests $152 million for ARC programs and assumes no major policy or programmatic changes for Commission activities.  ARC FY 2019 performance budget justification

Legislative Update: Continuing Resolution Extends Government Funding through March 23
Signed by the president on February 9, the legislation continues agency funding, including ARC's, at the FY 2017 level, minus a small across-the-board reduction. It also sets overall budget numbers to guide the congressional appropriations committees in drafting an omnibus appropriations bill for the rest of FY 2018.  Legislative update

ARC Issues POWER Request for Proposals to Help Appalachia's Coal-Impacted Communities Diversify and Grow Local Economies
On February 1, ARC issued a request for proposals (RFP) for 2018 POWER Initiative funding to help coal-impacted communities in Appalachia diversify and strengthen their local economies. Priority areas for investment through the RFP include developing a competitive workforce, enhancing access to and use of broadband services, fostering entrepreneurial activities, and developing industry clusters. ARC is making up to $20 million available through the RFP.   Press release

In Focus January 2018: Exploring Change in Appalachia's Coal Ecosystem
Decline in Appalachian coal production can create a broad spectrum of changes for communities beyond coal mining job loss. ARC's quarterly newsletter In Focus looks at a new research series examining major trends in the Region's coal economy over the last decade and exploring some of the current and potential impacts these shifts can have on elements of the coal industry ecosystem, including supply chain industries, transportation, electric power generation, and human capital.  Read more and subscribe

ARC Announces Research Series Examining the Impacts of Declining Coal Production on the Region's Economy
The January 2018 research series An Economic Analysis of the Appalachian Coal Industry Ecosystem is the first comprehensive assessment of current and potential effects the changing coal industry can have on the Appalachian Region. The series' five reports explore some of the current and future economic effects of declining coal production on components of Appalachia's coal industry ecosystem, including production and employment, supply chain industries, transportation, electric power generation, and human capital.  Press release

President Trump Nominates Tim Thomas to Serve as ARC Federal Co-Chair
Announced by the White House on January 4, the nomination was referred to the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on January 8 for consideration.  News brief

Study Examines Disparities Related to "Diseases of Despair" in Appalachia
A new ARC-commissioned report analyzes the impact of "diseases of despair" on mortality within the Appalachian Region, focusing on increasing morbidity and mortality from three main causes: alcohol, prescription drug, and illegal drug overdose; suicide; and alcoholic liver disease/cirrhosis of the liver. The report was prepared by the Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis.   Read the report

Report Documents Health Disparities in Appalachia
A study issued by ARC, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky documents dramatic disparities in health outcomes and other health-related factors in the Appalachian Region, compared with the nation as a whole. The first part of a multi-part research project, the study reviewed 41 health indicators to provide a comprehensive overview of the health of the Region's 25 million people, and examined 20-year trends for selected indicators.  Press release