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Program Areas

The Appalachian Regional Commission's programs address the four goals identified in the Commission's strategic plan: 1) Increase  job opportunities and per capita income in Appalachia to reach parity with the nation; 2) Strengthen the capacity of the people of Appalachia to compete in the global economy; 3) Develop and improve Appalachia's infrastructure to make the Region economically competitive; and 4) Build the Appalachian Development Highway System to reduce Appalachia's isolation.

Each year ARC provides funding for several hundred projects in the Appalachian Region in a wide range of program areas:

Special resources are targeted to the most economically distressed counties.

The projects funded in these program areas create thousands of new jobs; improve local water and sewer systems; increase school readiness; expand access to health care; assist local communities with strategic planning; and provide technical and managerial assistance to emerging businesses.

ARC also works to strengthen and diversify the Appalachian economy through the Appalachian Regional Development Initiative (ARDI). The ARDI is a partnership between ARC and ten federal agencies that aims to conduct local outreach to facilitate community participation in federal programs, and to collaborate with regional stakeholders to make strategic and cost-effective investments in Appalachia.