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After an application is approved for funding, grantees work with ARC staff to successfully manage and implement their project. Post-award requirements involve the timely submission of reports and other documents that review key project activities and facilitate financial exchange. The forms, manuals, and other resources necessary for successful management of ARC-funded non-construction projects are below.

For the management of construction grants, ARC operates in partnership with federal and state agencies under a Memorandum of Understanding. As such, construction project grantees must adhere to post-award management and reporting requirements specific to the agency overseeing their grant’s administration. Please contact your basic agency for more information.     

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ARC Project Guidelines

The guidelines set forth the criteria for approval of ARC projects reflecting the requirements of the Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965 (ARDA), as amended, the ARC Code, and the provisions of the ARC Strategic Plan.