Governor Tom Wolf

A native of York, Pennsylvania, Governor Wolf attended Dartmouth College before serving with the Peace Corps in India for two years. He later earned a master’s degree at the University of London and a Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While completing his education, Wolf worked at his family’s building materials company in York, which he later purchased and doubled in size before selling it in 2006. During his career with the company, he was appointed by Governor Bob Casey to serve on the Legislative Commission on Restructuring Pennsylvania’s Urban Schools, as well as on an economic development board. Wolf was selected by Governor Ed Rendell to serve as Pennsylvania’s secretary of revenue in 2007 and held that position until November 2008, when he resigned to campaign for governor. He ended the campaign in early 2009, when he repurchased his former company to keep it from bankruptcy and began a successful effort to rebuild it. He launched his second campaign for governor in 2013 and was elected in November 2014. Wolf served as ARC’s 2017 states’ co-chair.