Grant Reporting Overview

This video overview gives guidance to grantees on how to navigate ARC’s reporting tools on ARCnet, ARC’s current Grants Management System. Reports are used to communicate project activity, progress, and budgetary needs and spending for ARC funded projects, and are required for grants to remain active, to stay in compliance…

Access to Capital Projects Application and Operating Guidelines

These guidelines provide Access to Capital (ATC) grantees with specific guidance about eligibility in applying; eligibility of borrowers; eligible and ineligible uses of grant funds; conflicts of interest; application requirements; post-award management and monitoring; audits; and consequences of non-compliance.

ARC Project Guidelines

The guidelines set forth the criteria for approval of ARC projects reflecting the requirements of the Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965 (ARDA), as amended, the ARC Code, and the provisions of the ARC Strategic Plan.